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MSdb is a comprehensive database of next-generation sequencing data on human musculoskeletal system tissues and cells, enhanced with carefully curated patient phenptypes and advanced visualization tools.

Projects: 126

Datasets: 3,610

Disease types: 33

Total cell number: 2,833,779

The tutorial video

In MSdb, users can:

1. Explore repository-scale content with interactive diagrams.

2. Browse and download sample information, analytical results, figures and digital gene expression matrices.

3. Compare gene and miRNA expression between groups of user-defined samples.

4. Query gene expression at the bulk or single cell level through database built-in expression atlas.

Please cite:

Tian R, Xue Z, Ruan D, et al. MSdb: an integrated expression atlas of human musculoskeletal system[J]. iScience, 2023. DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.isci.2023.106933

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A314, ZJU-UoE Institute,
718 East Haizhou Rd.,
Haining, Zhejiang 314400,
P.R. China

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